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Travel Ball Talk

Jan 23, 2020

We're headed back to Atlanta to talk to Walker Searcy, the owner of the Home Plate Chili Dogs. We cover a lot of ground in this call but 1 subject many of you might look forward to hearing about is how Walker actually purchased this established business about 4 years ago. His perspective may help some of you listeners...

Jan 20, 2020

Today’s call features Todd Stein & David Wiggins from Recruits Baseball in St Louis. 2 huge takeaways for me is how they made the shift from 1 on 1 lessons to group training at their facility & how utilizing a variety of apps & tech actually create an incredible opportunity from the standpoint of accountability. 


Jan 13, 2020

Jan 6, 2020

Today’s call features David Hadeler, owner of the McKinney Marshals which is based in the Dallas area.
If words like values, goals, pillars of success or standards interest you, then you're going to want to lock into this conversation. 

I hope you enjoy this episode of Travel Ball...