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Travel Ball Talk

Apr 29, 2019

Today’s episode features my friend Nelson Gord, founder of the Illinois Indians and current Director of Baseball for NCSA. Nelson is as deep in the trenches of travel baseball as anyone in the industry. We discuss many topics in this conversation including an equation for recruiting he simply refers to as “ONE”.

Apr 19, 2019

We’re headed to the midwest to talk to a coach that gave up truck driving to pursue baseball full time.

RJ Fergus is the owner & founder of Hitters Baseball near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What the Hitters & a few other orgs have done for exposure of players in Wisconsin is beyond impressive, and much of the credit goes to...

Apr 15, 2019

Today’s guest is Will Nobles, founder of Carolina Combat based in Columbia, SC. He went from turning down an opportunity to help an ACC coaching staff to being someone that now exudes what it means to be a teacher, a coach & a student.

We’ll discuss why it’s important to him to fill his rosters with local kids &...

Apr 8, 2019

Today’s guest is Logan Stout, founder of the Dallas Patriots. Logan might be 1 of the most productive individuals I have had on the show. He’s a serial entrepreneur & has been highly successful in both baseball & business. We spend a lot of time talking about leadership, time management, mentors, daily routines...

Apr 1, 2019

Today’s guest is John Sarna from the Chicago Scouts Association. Sarna is a Windy City guy and cares deeply about his hometown ball players. It is that care & love of the game that led him & partners to create CSA, which is set up as a platform that advocate for Chicago area prospects.

The Chicago Scouts...